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Find Help Near You

        Find support for you, family members, and friends.
Services are free and confidential.

In Massachusetts:
1-877-785-2020 TTY: 1-877-521-2601

Outside Massachusetts:
National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233)

  • Building A Safer World

    Building A Safer World

    JDI and its members aim to support the safety, human rights, and dignity of victims and survivors everywhere. We believe that together we can prevent and end abuse by promoting solutions. Read More

  • Making Change

    Making Change

    JDI and its member programs work together to ensure that policies and practices of our public services and systems, state and federal legislation, and budget priorities reflect the needs and experiences of victims and survivors. Check out our Policy Agenda Document describing our values. Read More

  • Reimagining Roles for Men

    Reimagining Roles for Men

    JDI's Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign calls on men and boys to become a part of the solution in ending and prevention gender-based violence by reimagining manhood and masculinities. Find Out More

Jane Doe Inc. Building Safer Communities

JDI is a coalition of 60 local member programs working together with our allies to find lasting solutions that promote the safety, liberty, and dignity for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence. We work for social change to help create a world free of violence and abuse.

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JDI's membership is comprised of sixty community-based sexual and domestic violence organizations in Massachusetts.

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JDI Advocacy Agenda

JDI's advocacy agenda on the state and national level seeks to secure funding for sexual and domestic violence services, limit access to firearms, and remove barriers to services and supports for unserved, underserved and inadequately served communities including immigrants, LGBQ/T identified people, Native Americans and others.  Stay up to date and receive action alerts, by subscribing here or going to our Policy Action page.

#SupportSurvivors  #SupportServices

How We Can All Support Transgender Rights this November

Join JDI in voting Yes on 3 this November to protect the rights of transgender individuals.  What's at stake are the hard-won public accommodations protections for trans folks. It's up to all of us to ensure that transgender people are protected from discrimination, so we are sharing some resources to help you learn more about the issue, how to discuss within your networks, and how to get involved with the Freedom For All Massachusetts' campaign to protect transgender rights!  Don't forget to Vote Yes on 3 on November 6th. 

June 2018: Two Flags, One Month

JDI recognized both LGBQT Pride Month and Immigrant Heritage Month by honoring the contributions of these communities to our society, celebrating their unique histories and traditions, and promoting deeper understanding of cultural differences.  Read more about how these communities are impacted by sexual and domestic violence and what we can do to help support people impacted by abuse.

A breakfast benefit

Our 2nd Annual Spring Into Action Breakfast was sold out!  Watch the inspiring presentations of the Justice In Action Awardees Boston City At-Large-Councilor Ayanna Pressley and the Domestic & Sexual Violence Council.  And hear the motivational speeches by Diane Patrick, former First Lady of the Commonwealth, Bank of America executive Jill Calabrese-Bain and JDI Executive Director Debra Robbin.

Your generosity ensures JDI can continue building upon our strength in numbers and unity - paved with commitment and compassion - in our work to end sexual and domestic violence and all gender-based violence. Be part of the solution and contribute today!

New Young Philanthropists Gather to Increase their Impact

JDI is so excited by the energy and commitment of the the activist philanthropists who created the Young Philanthropist Giving ImPACT for Jane Doe Inc. This new initiative has been designed by and for people under 40 years old who want to financially contribute, educate, and cultivate awareness around domestic and sexual violence throughout the Commonwealth.

Find out how you can get involved with this dynamic group! Email development@janedoe.org.

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