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"Throughout the years being an active member of Jane Doe Inc. has given me the opportunity to participate in many activities to raise awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as the opportunity to improve my professional skills attending trainings and webinars. The tremendous impact we make as part of the Jane Doe coalition is unmeasurable for every agency, advocate, client and community member." ~ Claudia Segura - JDI Coalition Member and Advocate

Marathon Message


Dear JDI Friends,

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all those who were affected by yesterday's bombings at the Boston Marathon. Many of you ran or attended, had family/friends/acquaintances who ran or attended, followed the marathon through the media or were one of the many volunteers, staff and first responders.  Some of you may have witnessed the horrific bombing, been injured or know someone who was injured or killed.  The truth is that the trauma of this cowardly act of violence affects us all.

Amidst all the loss, fear, sadness, and yes, anger, we are reminded that several of our member programs had teams who were running in the event, raising money and awareness to help support victims of sexual and domestic violence.  We hope that, like us, you will find comfort in knowing that the spirit of these teams and all the other teams running in support of services and programs will not be shaken. We gain strength from the courage on display yesterday as it is every day by those working for peace and justice. 

For now, we just wanted to let all of our friends and supporters know that we are thinking of you during this difficult time.  If you are looking for resources for yourselves and your children, we have posted a few items on our website at www.janedoe.org/marathon.


Mary R. Lauby
Executive Director


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