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The Young Philanthropist Giving ImPACT for Jane Doe Inc. has been designed by and for people under 40 years old who want to financially contribute, learn more, and cultivate awareness around domestic and sexual violence throughout the Commonwealth.

The vision for this new initiative is that by pooling their resources, you can have an impact on these critical issues. Each member of the group makes a monthly commitment at a level meaningful to them and aim together to raise $10,000 annually for JDI.

The first gathering of this group in June 2017 was a fascinating conversation about the intersections of healthcare and gender-based violence. Participants shared that “it was such a special experience to hear directly from experts in the field, talk about what these issues mean for my generation, and identify ways of getting involved” and “I left knowing that I was part of a community of people who want to make a difference!” Other gatherings have focused on the intersection of LGBQ/T rights and gender-based violence, campus sexual assault, and the legislative process.

So if you are under 40 years of age and want to get involved, contact us and a member of the Young Philanthropist Giving ImPACT Circle will get back to you.

You can also contact Toni Troop, Director of Communications and Development at 617-557-1807 or development@janedoe.org.